About Us


Murray ACE is a Learn Local, Registered Training Organisation operating for our local community.

“I love coming to murray ace to learn.  I left school early and was scared about returning to study.  everyone has been so welcoming and supportive “

Our Courses

Our courses are intended principally for adults and most are Nationally Accredited and recognized throughout Australia. Other courses include general interest, vocational, leisure and personal enrichment programs. We are also registered to provide foundation courses that provide literacy, numeracy and social skills for students who may have left school early or require additional support to take on higher levels of learning.


Before students enrol or enter into a contract, you will be provided with current, accurate and comprehensive information about the training, assessment and support services Murray ACE provides. A pre-enrolment interview will be conducted where you will be provided with this information as well as details of all fees and charges for the course. Read more about this in our course guide.

Cultural Safety

Murray ACE is committed to cultural safety of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, and all others from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assistance

A Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment will be conducted at the time of enrolment to determine if you need LLN support whilst studying your course. If your skills are too low for the course you have selected we can advise alternative pathways for you or arrange for support in this area.

Diversity, Access and equity

All staff, members and students, regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation, family or social background have the right to be treated equally. All students will be recruited in an ethical and responsible manner ensuring the decisions comply with Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 and the Equal Opportunity Act 2010

Special needs

If you have special needs, for example, a disability or cultural or lifestyle need that may impact on your training and assessment, please note this on your enrolment form and discuss this at the pre enrolment interview so that your trainer may be advised and provide relevant support. Murray Ace will refer students for external support services where required.

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Our team provides a safe, educational yet fun and inclusive place for you to grow and learn in. Meet our team and know who will be guiding you on your educational journey.